Meet SocialVoice

There’s a lot to know about SocialVoice. Our extensive experience, our expertise at building quality technical solutions to solve marketing problems…but that’s just scratching the surface. 

The most important thing to know about SocialVoice is just how passionate we are about unboxing the voice within video so that you get to hear and analyse the true voice of influencers. This passion comes from a place of frustration – it drove us mad that other solutions promoted that they were analysing voice within video but were in fact just analysing the metadata such as hashtags, likes and followers. To us, as engineers we couldn’t resist the challenge.

What helps us is our experience in delivering world-class advertising and marketing solutions to brands and agencies globally. If you combined the years that the leadership team have been working with marketers globally, you’d be counting beyond 60. With this experience and passion we’ve learned to understand the strategic business problems that hurt you, and the everyday tactical issues that frustrate your teams. 

You don’t have to dig deep to find that we’re a caring bunch of people. Specifically, we care about the world of influencers and creators. We care that the world of influencer marketing isn’t being taken seriously enough by some. We care that it isn’t trusted! Perhaps that’s us in a nutshell – Trust. Everything we do, everything we create is about trust. For an influencer, we give them the ability to “Trust My Voice” and for an agency or brand it’s about trusting that the decisions you make are the right ones.

The problem is that in the current world of influencer marketing, you can’t have absolute confidence. How can you when you can’t hear what the influencer is saying or has ever said? Campaigns are constantly under threat because of incomplete influencer background checks, missed red flags and time constraints leading to your team only listening back to posts a few months.

So we took action. More precisely we brought together everything we’d ever learnt, ever knew, ever experienced to create SocialVoice. We built a team of enthusiasts and took advantage of the fast changing capabilities of AI. The result, quite simply, fills us with pride. You may just see a screen staring back at you with a SocialVoice log-in box, the incredible Influencer Integrity Report and the analysis held within, but for us it’s the result of years of work and thought and burning passion. Just wait till you see what it does.

All of these attributes, passions and quirks are what make us. We are SocialVoice. 

Trust us, talk to us, tell us the problems you have by not being able to analyse the true voice of influencers. It would be a pleasure to help you.

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