Release of the Influencer Integrity Report Announcement

Socialvoice logo announces the release of their first solution for the influencer marketing industry globally.

The ‘Influencer Integrity Report’, is a unique, patented AI generated report that analyses the voice within social video at a scale and speed that has never been achieved before. Its key purpose is to help agencies and brands protect the success of their influencer-led campaigns as well as the reputation of their brands.

The world today is one where social listening platforms cannot actually listen to voice. They only search metadata such as hashtags, likes and comments. If an agency or brand need certainty that an influencer will deliver brand safety they then have to manually watch hundreds or thousands of hours of videos. This manual process leads to corners being cut and it is not unusual for an influencer campaign to be cancelled or delayed because a problem with an influencer has only been discovered at the last second.

This lack of certainty that there are no hidden surprises in an influencer’s back catalogue leads to  trust issues that affect the industry as a whole and its ability to become a mainstream marketing channel for brands.

The ‘Influencer Integrity Report’ enables brands and agencies to analyse, within minutes, all of an influencer’s past social video activity across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram; every video, every frame and every spoken word. As well as detailed analysis around profanity, toxicity and red flag content it also identifies if an influencer is a strong topic specialist with voice qualities that will fit a campaign.

The core purposes of the Influencer Integrity Report is brand safety, the protection of an influencer-led campaign and higher levels of trust between the influencer, the agency and the brand.

About SocialVoice: is patent protected AI technology that’s been created to protect and enhance the success of influencer led campaigns. Agencies and brands need to get inside video to analyse everything an influencer’s ever said to truly trust that the influencer will add value to a campaign. Before SocialVoice, it was impossible to achieve this at speed, scale or with confidence. Today, they use SocialVoice’s AI solution to analyse every video, every frame, word by spoken-word and receive the data they need within a simple to understand Influencer Integrity Report.

Now, SocialVoice’s users have absolute confidence that they are recruiting the right influencers, for each campaign, every time.

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