SocialVoice & The Influencer Integrity Report

SocialVoice’s Influencer Integrity Report is the solution your business knew it needed – but couldn’t find. Put simply, the analysis within each report helps protect and enhance the success of your influencer-led campaigns. It does this by analysing everything an influencer has ever said across TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Every video, every frame, every word by spoken word.

Why is this so important? Well, because trust is a major issue in the world of creator & influencer marketing. 

Until now it’s been impossible to have certainty that an influencer hasn’t said something, somewhere on social video that could resurface and endanger a campaign or even worse – a brand’s reputation. All that brands and agencies can do at the moment is search the metadata, scan the written word and manually listen to hours upon hours of video.

This manual, tedious, laborious and subjective process leads to the cutting of corners and enormous gaps in confidence that the investment made in the campaign is safe. On the other hand, if the background checking is rigorous then costs multiply significantly because of the numerous hours involved in checks.

So, how is Social Voice and the Influencer Integrity Report the answer to these problems?

We’ve developed the patented ability to get inside the voice within video at a scale and speed that has never been achieved before. The result is that agencies and brands can verify and trust that an influencer will add value to a campaign with greater certainty than has ever been experienced to date.

Even better, we provide all of the critical trust-based data you need in one simple to understand and act upon Influencer Integrity Report.

The first thing to know is that the technology driving the Influencer Integrity Report analyses all of an influencer’s past social video activity; every video, every frame, and every spoken word across Tiktok, YouTube and Instagram. 

All you need to do is input the influencer link, go and make a cup of tea or focus on another task and we’ll notify you when your report is ready.

When you open up the report these are the key analytics you’ll receive:

  • A headline ‘Trust Score’ that will instantly tell you whether the influencer you are recruiting will deliver brand safety. 

Driving this headline ‘Trust Score’ are scores relating to consistency of tone & topic, empathy levels, authenticity of voice, profanity, toxicity and red flag content.

  • Detailed brand safety analysis that identifies if an influencer has ever said anything in a video that can be categorised as medium or high risk.

Our AI engine uses the Global Alliance For Responsible Media (GARM) brand safety floor + suitability framework, and if an instance of risk has been identified you just click through to the exact video and specific phrase.

  • Data analysis of an influencer’s emotive language, tone, vocal quality, empathy levels and Myers-Briggs personality profile.

The Influencer Integrity Report isn’t just about identifying who to avoid recruiting, just as importantly it helps you select influencers that will enhance the success of a campaign.

  • Brand mention analysis that you simply can’t get anywhere else. 

The vast majority of brand mentions happen through the spoken word and not the metadata such as hashtags. It will shock you to know how much brand intelligence you are missing out on! The Influencer Integrity Report even analyses whether a brand was being talked about in a neutral, positive or negative light with the ability to click through the exact sentence or phrase in the video.

  • Identification of influencers that are topic specialists and have established trust with the communities you need to reach.

Trust is at the core of influencer marketing and why people buy. The Influencer Integrity Report analyses all of the topics that an influencer has ever talked about so that you can trust that they will help drive sales.

So, long gone are the days of manually sifting through an influencer’s social video posts. More importantly, a lack of confidence that you are recruiting the right influencers for every campaign is a problem of the past.

The Influencer Integrity Report is a ground-breaking patented solution that will alleviate so many existing pains associated with the current influencer recruitment process. Our mission is clear: we want to help you recruit influencers for campaigns with absolute confidence that they will enhance their success, avoiding brand damage and delays.

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